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A Speaker with Impact…

Lauren Jawno challenges people’s existing habits and lifestyles. A frequent keynote speaker and educator, she is equally dynamic and effective in front of audiences of thousands, in corporate groups, classrooms, or in private client consultation.

Through over 1200 speaking events for leading companies such as the Holistic World Expo, Lifestyles, RBC, BMO, YMCA, AB Sciex, Running Room, American Express, Bell, Canadian Tire, as a guest on TV and radio, Lauren has been featured in consumer publications such as Zoomer, More Magazine and WeddingBells.ca and regularly contributes to iRun.  She is often sought by the media for her expertise. Lauren has a unique ability to motivate those she comes in contact with. What is critical to her, is to inspire and equip every person so that they are able to maximize their life potential.

Real Advice for Real People

So refreshingly candid and real, Lauren shares startling graphic examples and stories of her own Olympic-sized challenges.

Speaker Topics

For public, private, media or corporate events, Lauren customizes her sessions to the audience. Topics can include Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness/Lifestyle Coaching. She demystifies the latest fads and research reports while teaching the critical small steps that are key to both personal change and inner fulfillment. Lauren entertains, educates, motivates and inspires…leaving audiences buzzing with excitement.

Top 10 Topics

1.    Nutrition 101

Finally learn the real truth about what good nutrition really encompasses. Learn what you need eat, why you need it, where to get it and how much to have!

2.    Diets Don’t Work so What Does? 

Learn the top 10 strategies to achieve and maintain a healthy weight that works for real people in the real world. Start managing your weight today!

3.    Top 5 Barriers to Healthy Nutritional Habits
You know what you should do yet you struggle to keep on track. Learn what the top 5 barriers are to achieving lasting results and how you can overcome them.

4.    Shop Smart: Understanding Nutrition Labels
Do you struggle to identify what cereals are healthy, whether whole wheat and whole grain is the same thing, do you understand the impact of the “numbers” on food labels, are the nutritional claims you read accurate? Learn all this and more and leave this session a more informed, smarter, healthier shopper.

5.    Nutrition for Active People

Improve your performance, results and recovery time  with proper food choices, critical timing of meals and snacks, appropriate portion management and essential hydration.

6.    Fitness 101

Finally learn the truth about how you really need to train in order to change your body shape and fitness level through exercise. No gimmicks or fads! Can you handle the truth?

7.    Goal Setting + Strategies to Change Habits
We are all creatures of habit. Some of our habits are positive and enable us to achieve our goals and stay as healthy. Others erode our health, deplete energy, waste time, keep us from being effective, and make us look and act inappropriately. Sometimes we are aware of our negative habits, but sometimes we’re not. In either case, we eventually realize that something is getting in our way, and it’s us! Learn how to identify what you need to change, set goals and learn strategies to get results. Learn tools and perspectives that will empower you forever.

8.    Creating Balance + Optimal Wellness
Do you feeling like your life is running you, that you never have time for yourself, that you are being pulled in a dozen different directions? Learn how to create balance and wellness and start living a more peaceful, authentic and happier life.

9.    Managing Emotional Eating

Do you eat when you are angry, when you are sad, happy or mad? And is this sabotaging your goal of being healthy and well? Learn how to identify your triggers and develop strategies to overcome them so food is no longer controlling you.

10.    Detoxification / Cleansing

Is this something I should do?  What is the best method? What are the potential benefits? Get the answers to all these questions and more and start on the path to a healthier you.