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Waistline to Bottom Line


Although it is difficult to produce uniform financial results of investment in corporate wellness programs because there is no standardized measurement tools yet available, the evidence is growing:

  • Health care costs are 2x - 3x greater for an employee with 3 or more risk factors (i.e. sedentary lifestyle, smoker, overweight and drink too much) than those with no such risk factors (Shain & Suurvail, 2001)
  • 70% of disability is related to behavioural factors - your employee’s lifestyle choices affect the health costs you incur.
  • for every $1.00 spent, companies who measured results achieved $2.01 to $3.50 in health care cost savings (International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, 2006 study of US/Canadian corporate wellness programs)
  • Business decisions-makers are starting to recognize that a healthy organization is a place where employees are satisfied, committed, and healthy and that unhealthy organizations have reduced profits and increased absenteeism. (Lyden and Klengle 2000 study)

Excess weight is well-known as a risk factor which increased risk to many adverse health conditions which could lead to lower worker productivity, absenteeism and long-term disability.

Lauren Jawno has created a specialized Change4Good 10 Week Weight Management & Wellness Program specifically for corporate groups, along with other corporate programs such as Lunch & Learn and Guest Speaker events for companies. To find out how a program could be created for your company, call: 416-523-1990, or by email.