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Services List

Speaker/trainer on diverse topics


  • Change4Good 10 Week Weight Management & Wellness Program.
  • canfitpro nutrition, weight management, wellness trainer for certification.
  • The real meaning of good nutrition and its domino effect on you.
  • Reality Bites: Lasting weight management strategies.
  • Clean Sweep: Demystifying Detoxification.
  • Carbohydrates/Fat/Protein for your lifestyle: What, when and why?
  • Sports Nutrition for Athletes: Discover your athletic potential.
  • Nutrition on the run: How to eat well in the fast lane!
  • Nutrition for energy and productivity.
  • Nutrition for shift workers: A critical link for your wellness.
  • Making smart Food Court choices to stay healthy.
  • Overcoming the barriers to healthy nutrition.


  • What it takes to truly change your body through fitness.
  • How to stay on track and be consistent with your fitness program.
  • The top 10 fitness myths uncovered.
  • Fitness on the road – how can it be done?
  • Creating simple employee fitness programs and incentives.


  • A Balancing Act: health, family and work. 
  • Creating Optimum Wellness:  How to manage your nutrition, fitness and emotions
  • The discovery of self-satisfaction by living an authentic life
  • Establishing a wellness culture within your organization
  • A healthy, happy employee is a productive employee

Wellness Coach with Impact

Customized life programs encompassing nutrition, fitness, life and business.


  • Change4Good 10 Week Weight Management and Wellness Program
  • Diet/Fat Loss Plans
  • Family/Childhood Nutrition
  • Food Shopping Tours
  • Healthy Kitchen Make-Overs
  • High Performance Sports Nutrition
  • Nutrition for Increased Muscle Mass
  • Personal Meal Plans
  • Personal Nutritional Analysis
  • Recipes
  • Sports Team Nutrition 


  • High Performance Training
  • Personal Fitness Plans
  • Sports Team Training 

Business/Group Services

  • Change4Good Corporate Employee Health and Wellness Programs
  • Employee Fitness Programs
  • Customized and Motivational Sessions
  • Independent Advisory Services
  • Product Development Input
  • Product Reviewer
  • Product Spokesperson
  • Employee and Customer Education
  • Contributor to Employee or Customer Newsletters
  • Contributor to Website Content
  • Editorial Contributor
  • Ask the Expert Columnist


  • Author of Change4Good: The Ten Essentials for Food, Fitness and the Good Life
  • Editorial
  • Columnist
  • Product Reviews
  • Book Contributions