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Wellness expert, Lauren Jawno’s breakthrough program and book helps you Change4Good

Change4Good Book Cover

January 14, 2012--In her new book, Change4Good: The Ten Essentials for Food, Fitness and the Good Life, registered nutritionist, fitness trainer, and wellness/lifestyle coach, Lauren Jawno shares her guide to optimal and complete well-being.

"I struggled with eating disorders and weight issues for a big part of my life," shared Jawno candidly. "I finally put them behind me when I began to research and really understand that food wasn’t the crux of my problems."

By realizing the importance of living a truly authentic life, Jawno began to develop and live by ten basic principles. She has successfully implemented these principles with hundreds of clients, from elite nationally ranked athletes and Para-olympic hopefuls to doctors, lawyers, business executives, and busy moms and dads.

GPS Guides to Personal Success
Based on science and real-life experiences, Change4Good’s ten principles focus on changing and gaining control of four main areas of life, namely: your mind, behaviour, nutrition and fitness. Each of these components has a "GPS" or Guide to Personal Success self-assessment tool that shows you what you should be focusing on, as well as action steps to achieve the desired results.

Online Tools & Tips
Every chapter includes easy-to-follow tips, tricks and guidance to help you implement the ten Change4Good principles. Online tools such as exercise demonstrations and grocery lists with suggested brands are available on Change4Good.ca, as well as Jawno's new blog which will provide ongoing information and support to followers.

Jawno's program is flexible and portable: “It’s truly something you can and should be doing 24/7 no matter where you are.

For more information or buy the book go to www.change4good.ca