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Jawno volunteers as nutrition advisor for a continuous, relay style non-stop run around the world

March 2012--Lauren Jawno is thrilled to announce her involvement with Run for Tomorrow (R4T).  R4T will take place in 2013, starting in London, England.  It will be a continuous relay-style run around the world by a 10-person team of elite marathon runners, each of whom will run the marathon distance - 26.2 miles (42.2 kilometers) - each day and clollectively run approximately 120 miles per day.  Through 30 countries adn for 200 days, the baton will never stop moving.  The team will be integrated with local runners and celebrities from the areas through which R4T passes.

The purpose of R4T is to improve the health and well being of individuals around the world by educating children adn adults about the importance of healthy living and exercise, and encouraging and inspiring them to commit to making positive changes in their own lives.  R4T is committed to raising awareness and support for people with cancer, diabetes, heart and stroke conditions and those who are in poverty.  As a nutritionist, fitness trainer adn wellness coach Jawno said, "The need to educate adn inspire people to be healthier and more active has never been greater".

In the developed world, there has been a continual trend towards people leading sedentary lifestyles adn consuming larger amounts of non-healthful foods.  In 1997, the World Health Organization (WHO) formally stated that obesity is a global problem that has reached epidemic proportions.  Being overweight is a major risk factor for chronic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes (a disease linked to poor diet, obesity and lack of exercise), cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke and some forms of cancer.  According to the International Diabetes Federation, the number of people living with Type 2 Diabetes wordwide, for example, is expected to rise from 366 million in 2011 to a staggering 552 million by the year 2030.

As R4T continues through different locations around the world, the core team will raise awareness of the R4T cause and mobilise activities amongst various organizations.  In 2012, R4T is undertaking an extensive promotional and educational initiative about healhty lifestyles, being active and running that will taken into schools, businesses adn running events around the globe.  Advisors include the renowned running guru Jeff Galloway and Running Room Founder, John Stanton.  Jawno will be joining this elite group and volunteering as the on-line Nutrition Coach and Expert to answer questions from people participating in R4T from around the world.  Jawno said, "I feel privideged to be part of such a significant event and am excited for the impact this can have on millions of people, motivating them to become healthier and fitter."