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iRun Runner Makeovers - Part 1

Lauren Jawno provides nutrition advice for iRun Magazine Makeovers


excerpt with permission from iRun Magazine

In January, three brave souls turned their running lives over to the iRun Runner Makeover. They had their goals and history deconstructed by elite marathoner and coach Tania Jones, and made a commitment to trust their new coach. They had their eating habits analysed by nutritionist Lauren Jawno, and are endeavouring to implement her recommendations. And they agreed to let it all hang out on their blogs at iRun.ca so that iRunNation could learn from their journeys.


Chrystal's goal: fast 10k sub-60 minutes
Aleks' goal: first marathon around 4 hours
Brock's goal: find the true runner inside by getting off the marathon merry-go-round


Along with the training by elite marathoner Tanya Jones, a nutrition component was key to the makeover. Lauren Jawno began with assessing all three runners for their nutrition habits and providing nutrition guidelines to help them reach their goals.

Jawno advised that Chrystal needs to focus on eating less frequently (every 3 hours) and  ensuring that her carbohydrates are coming  from nutrient dense complex sources like whole grains, beans, legumes, vegetables, and of course fruit. She also needs to include lean protein at  all of her meals. Her water intake needs to gradually be increased to 2 litres per day and  she needs to limit her diet pop intake as much  as possible. Meet Chrystal and read her blog about the makeover experience.

Aleks needs to limit her latte intake to 2 per day and replace the rest with plenty of water. She needs to eat more regularly (every 3 hours) and make sure her meals include lean protein. She needs to have more nutritious snacks to replace all the lattes she has been drinking — fruit, veggies, nuts and cheese are all good  options for her. Meet Aleks and read her blog about the makeover experience.

And Brock needs to make sure he has at least one nutritious snack between lunch and dinner, includes lean protein at all his meals and increases his water intake, even during shorter training sessions. He also needs to include more vegetables in his diet either as snacks or with his meals. Meet Brock and read his blog about the makeover experience.

For the runners, the makeover was more than about running. Download the full iRun January issue article here: