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Lauren Jawno's Guide to Nutrition Basics for Runners

Lauren Jawno shows runners why they should pay as much attention to their nutrition as they do to their training in order to see potentially significant improvements.


By Lauren Jawno, reproduced with permission from iRun Magazine

Healthy nutrition needs to fit with a runner’s lifestyle. Jawno always starts by looking at what the runner eats, what they don’t eat and what they are willing to change.

In Lauren Jawno's latest column for iRun Magazine, she reviews what she found were the common nutrition issues of the runner makeover contestants. The column also gives practical nutrition advice for runners on:

  • Quality and quantity of food
  • Distances and Goals
  • Timing
  • Food Journaling

She answers the novice marathoner's question: “What do I do the day or the week before my big race?”

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