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Getting Started

Real Personal Advice

A distinction of Lauren Jawno’s practice is her one-on-one personal approach to each client. Understanding you is the starting point and the basis for her professional advice on nutrition, personal training and life coaching.

Lauren applies her knowledge, training and fifteen years experience as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) and Wellness Coach to customize a program that will make an impact on you. 

Getting to Know You

For personal programs, it all starts with a detailed assessment of you. She learns about your history, lifestyle and goals and requires clients to complete a detailed profile. She finds out your habits, good and bad, your daily routine along with your work, family and life responsibilities. 

Starting a Program

Armed with your history Lauren develops your personal objectives. She analyzes the ‘whole you’ picture and develops a customized program that will not only attain your goals, but also fit into your lifestyle. You get detailed program guidelines, specific advice and hands-on technique training to get started.

Custom Program Management

Lauren views motivating and monitoring clients as critical to the success of her clients in following the  programs she designs for them. She doesn’t just hand them a nutritional protocol, workout program or life strategy plan - it’s a two-way partnership. Through daily food journals for her weight management or nutrition clients, to technique training for her fitness clients, and journaling and accountability reports for wellness coaching clients, Lauren monitors you every step of the way.


Getting it right and staying motivated are different for every client. Lauren will customize program management to include weekly, bi-weekly or longer term follow-up appointments with affordable fees and realistic time commitments that suit your lifestyle. Lauren coaches many clients regularly but also helps develop the skills needed for those who prefer to manage on their own. Your program has results built in.