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Wellness Coaching

It’s Your Life

For many reasons people have turned to Lauren Jawno’s expertise in Wellness Coaching. Her training, coaching and personal life experience can help you attain the wellness and life balance you desire and deserve.
At any age or stage in your life, circumstances come along that influence our wellness, whether we choose them or not, that require us to make changes. Lauren guides her clients through these periods of transition by providing new perspectives, insights and solutions so that they can achieve the results they want.

A Private Assessment

Lauren begins with a personal assessment and uses her gifted intuition and practiced ability to understand people’s needs and help them find solutions. You may be stuck, unsure, or unhappy, or just need some help organizing your life. Lauren equips you with the tools to move forward and sustain the changes that deliver wellness in your life.

A Personal Coaching Plan

Through her iMPACT! plan, Lauren provides you with a map for change. To make change happen she also supports and challenges you to follow through on your plan.

Wellness Coaching with IMPACT

Life Changing Results

Lauren makes it easy, affordable and accessible to fit telephone coaching sessions into your life, no matter where you are. Through these sessions, Lauren guides you through her 6-step iMPACT! process and uses her expertise to help you gain the clarity and confidence to make the changes that will help you achieve what matters most in your life. Your life will be different, guaranteed!