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Food Journal


Facts Not Fads

As a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP), Lauren Jawno is qualified to assess your nutritional needs and help you create a realistic plan for your own objectives.  You won’t find fad diets or radical recommendations, just powerful advice to achieve balanced nutrition and real results designed around your lifestyle.

Customized Options

Using practical tools and a fundamental understanding of how nutrition impacts your body and your life, Lauren offers a range of customized nutritional consulting options for you to choose from:

  • Diet/Fat Loss Plans
  • Family/Childhood Nutrition
  • Food Shopping Tours
  • Healthy Kitchen Make-Overs
  • High Performance Sports Nutrition
  • Nutrition for Increased Muscle Mass
  • Personal Meal Plans
  • Personal Nutritional Analysis
  • Recipes
  • Sports Team Nutrition 

Private Nutrition Assessment

Each client can expect to start by completing a 4 or 5 day Food Journal followed by an in-depth assessment which requires the client to complete a Nutribody Questionnaire. Lauren collects additional information about your health, diet, supplements, food preferences, cooking or eating  habits and daily routine to generate a full picture of your lifestyle. By then, she knows you inside and out.

A Personal Nutrition Plan

By the second appointment, you will get a written Personal Nutrition Program which summarizes the results of your assessment, the goals you have set, and an easy-to-follow plan to help you get there. It includes practical every day advice such as menu plans and shopping lists, supplements you should take and recipes to try. As part of your plan, Lauren also includes recommendations for fitness or lifestyle changes that will impact the success of your program.

Nourishing Results

Success is built in to every Personal Nutrition Plan created by Lauren because it is individualized and you are monitored. Along with weekly Food Journal Feedback, your efforts are tracked using a variety of tools like body fat, body mass index (BMI), waist to hip ratio (WHR) and basal metabolic rate (BMR). In addition to this, Lauren answers your questions, makes adjustments if necessary and helps you stay motivated while you reach your short, medium and long term nutrition goals.