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Personal Training

Fitness for Your Life

Lauren Jawno finds ways to fit fitness into your life. A leading Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) as well as a qualified, spinning and kickboxing instructor Lauren has helped hundreds start fitness programs and maintain their results. From everyday people to competitive athletes and teams, her workouts are as much about the activities as the individuals she trains.

  • High Performance Training
  • Personal Fitness Plans
  • Sports Team Training 

Private Fitness Assessment

Before you break a sweat, the first thing Lauren does is a full assessment of your workout history as well as your health and lifestyle background. Your first session will be a workout assessment to observe and measure your fitness level. By your second appointment you will have a Personal Fitness Plan and the technique training to get started. You will be on track to achieve specific and realistic fitness goals. 

A Personal Fitness Plan

Lauren provides personal training for people of all ages and at all fitness levels. There is no one-workout-fits-all. Every Personal Fitness Plan Lauren develops is customized for you and designed around your time, preferences, available equipment and fitness goals you have set.

How to Do it Right

Technique training and well-defined plans reveal Lauren’s expertise in fitness and her skills as a trained teacher. You can expect Lauren to monitor your technique as a key part of both the safety and the effectiveness of your training. With her ongoing professional training, she will also introduce new exercises, techniques and equipment when appropriate for your plan.

Motivating and Monitoring

Each client is different. Some are self-motivated, and need only occasional workouts with her every 6 to 8 weeks. Others will do better with the discipline of regular weekly sessions which help you stick with the plan. Lauren knows when to change your program to keep it stimulating, or when you have reached certain goals, to add new challenges or components, or simply to adjust your workout to fit changes in your life.

Results that Fit You

Because your fitness goals are part of your plan, both you and Lauren can see if you are achieving results. You will know your efforts are paying off.