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The 1-Day Rapid Reset Premier Coaching Program is a 1:1 comprehensive and fully immersive VIP experience
facilitated both in person and virtually. It is purposefully designed to focus on the essential factor necessary for change: Clarity. 

This program is ideal if you've suddenly found yourself at a crossroads and need immediate solutions:

  • You're uncertain about a significant, life-impacting decision to make. 

  • You've hit a stubborn plateau that you've been unable to move beyond.

  • You're doubting past decisions you've made and feel like you have no options.

The value of your 1-Day Rapid Reset will not be the answer to the problem that brought you here,
although you will leave with that answer.  
The immeasurable value will be leaving knowing why these answers were elusive.
This is the level of clarity that transforms lives!

"To have the opportunity to work with her would be giving yourself an opportunity to stand in your power that has always been there because she will see it, and she will see it because she stands in her power. She will hold you to a standard that you wouldn't even imagine possible and this is what led to me to going on to begin my own business."
Sonya Kaur, CEO SoulFit Global




Like you, I'm an A-type, A-Player overachiever, driven to make my soul-inspired impact in the world. I thrive in the fast lane. I finish what I start,
but patience is not my best friend.

I understand the angst of facing major life transitions, the frustration of unexpected obstacles bringing you to a standstill, or unexplained doubt creeping up on you about significant choices you've made.

You need an unbiased perspective and an objective sounding board.
You need someone to see what you can't.

You need absolute CLARITY!
To confidently make discerning decisions and commit to massive action. 

My signature Clarity Triad will provide the framework to achieve this:

  • Assess the bigger picture of what you're facing.

  • Find the catalytic driver behind your key obstacle.

  • Determine the fastest and most effective strategies to override your catalytic driver and solve your key obstacle. 

The depth of success you experience during your Rapid Reset will hinge deeply on the depth of your transparency, vulnerability, and honesty. You will tap into an unexplored level of self-awareness—the level of awareness that transforms lives rather than merely achieving goals.


Whether you'll be participating in person or remotely, your 1-Day Rapid
eset event will begin immediately following your enrollment and will continue after you leave. 

Spoiler alert: This is not just a 1-Day experience.

Strategic preparation to ensure you gain the maximum impact from your investment.  


  • I'll guide you through the same process the world's highest performers have benefited from and where accelerated personal growth is inevitable.

  • I'll bypass all the noise within and around you, ensuring our starting point is at an uncommon level of depth.

  • We'll engage in critical but often avoided conversations to achieve the answers you need and the life-changing breakthroughs and results I'm renowned for facilitating. 

Your 1-Day Rapid Reset will continue for one month, providing you with:

  • A Playbook summarizing your macro and micro outcomes and commitments.

  • A mid-month check-in to troubleshoot where needed.

  • A month-end check-in to ensure you have Absolute Clarity for your
    next steps.


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Your 1-Day Rapid Reset will be a pivotal day with a depth of Clarity that will help you break free from the constraints of
doubt, uncertainty, and conformity. You'll gain a perspective of yourself and your future that will change your world.

I'll guide and support you in effectively preparing, courageously participating, and boldly defining a life

you've never believed possible. Don't let what's holding you back now continue to do so.  

1-Day Rapid Reset is an exclusive program with limited access.

BEFORE applying, please take the time to learn more about who this is ideal for you, my application process, coaching

philosophy, the standards I bring to every Premier Coaching Program and expect from every valued client.


If you resonate with My Story and you're ready to prioritize yourself and invest in your future -

APPLY NOW to work with me. Additional details will be provided once I've reviewed your application.

I'm cheering you on!


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READY FOR AN extraordinary LIFE?

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