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Purpose & Performance-Driven
Entrepreneurs. Coaches. Emerging Leaders. Senior Executives.


Introducing Advanced-Life Mastery, my exclusive 1:1 Premier Coaching Program - 
my most immersive and extensive solution to developing an unstoppable Internal Operating System

laser-focused on accelerating your personal and business growth with unprecedented speed, precision, and enjoyment.

Regardless of your current level of success, a new 'iOS' will cultivate a winning edge that will catapult you from
merely achieving more of what you already have, to experiencing an elevated, more purposeful level and quality of success.

This journey will be an exhilarating adventure and a challenging trek. It will create opportunities for profound personal evolution.
It will shift every aspect of your life without compromise. It will impact the lives of those around you in a manner that will
undoubtedly be a part of your legacy. And it will impact the future of your career and business.

The ripple effect of your commitment to Advanced Life-Mastery will be immense.

If you're ready to achieve more by becoming better instead of just doing more, this an investment in your future that you won't regret.

"Lauren Jawno has an extraordinary command of the craft of coaching. Her ability to listen with unparalleled depth and assimilate information in the moment enables her to ask the most important and powerful questions, leading to the core issues, insights, and breakthroughs that move her clients forward faster and with greater ease. No matter the issue or block, no matter the area of life, Lauren masterfully unlocks people’s potential to maximize their performance with wisdom, experience, loyalty, and honesty."
Andrea Zawaski, Certified Applied Positive Psychology Coach, MSc Health Psychology, Bachelor's Degree in Psychology 


Anything is possible when you have effective and experienced support, a purposeful vision, and an unstoppable drive to achieve it.

(*Names have been omitted due to high-profile client confidentiality.)

CEOs and Executives 

  • From Company Secretary and Legal Affairs Director to first-ever female energy sector CEO in Africa.

  • From team conflict and frustration to collaborative and high-performing in 2 months.

  • 2.5 Hours per day reclaimed.

Transitioning Executives

  • 3-Year exit strategy achieved in 3 months.

  • From corporate executive to online entrepreneur - 3 months ahead of plan.

  • From corporate executive to online entrepreneur - income recouped in 4 months.

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

  • From full-time, hands-on business involvement to 4 months of annual vacation.

  • From in-person professional training to online business in 6 months.

  • First 7-Figure launch.

  • 18-year marriage on the brink of divorce - avoided within 3 hours of coaching.

Science, Entertainment, Sports

  • Success in first-ever high-stakes million-dollar negotiation.

  • From burn-out and near quitting to authentically re-engaged.

  • First online course successfully launched.

Elite Coaches

  • 400% improvement in performance and client retention.

These clients, without exception, came into coaching to gain strategies to achieve significant career success. They were seeking a magic blueprint. 

They all learned, without exception, that without their personal growth, they would never maximize the impact of whatever strategy, framework, or blueprint they obtained. They would keep facing the same obstacles in a different context.

Every result above was never even a consideration when enrolling in coaching. 

Their winning edge is based on a universal truth—the only thing you can control in life is yourself. So, it stands to reason that the more evolved you are, the more everything else will evolve.

This is the power of investing in personal growth to achieve business growth.




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But let's focus on you!

The “stories” my clients entered into coaching with are probably not much different from yours. 

  • Playing it safe without knowing.

  • Focusing on the wrong but convenient obstacles.

  • Unknowingly seeking out distractions.

  • Fixing the symptom not the source of your obstacles.

  • Asking questions to get the answers you want not need.

The list could go on...and it's not your fault.


  • You were probably referred to me because you were told I get results that others don’t, and you want significant results—similar to the ones you've just read about.

  • What you've tried hasn't worked well enough. 

  • You want solutions you know will work if you do. 

You have a powerful silver lining: you also have a winning edge.
The problem is that it's operating at a huge handicap - it has an outdated,
malfunctioning Internal Operating System ('iOS'). It's as if you're living your life
using a flip phone in a world functioning with smartphones—and no one has told you this.

Advanced Life-Mastery - a science-backed, tried-and-tested signature 5-step 'iOS' upgrading system where you will be guided, challenged, equipped, held accountable, and supported through every necessary step so you have the greatest potential to achieve your goals and end-game.

The upside is immense – here’s a glimpse of what’s possible:

  • Better quality decisions, especially under pressure.

  • Intentional communication - more influence, stronger relationships and less conflict

  • Discernment about your commitments, time management and capacity.

  • Reducing your engagement in default distractions.

  • Navigating change with greater ease and confidence.

Ready for a dose of radical honesty? Mastering even one of these areas and its ripple effect will positively and noticeably impact your success.

Are you ready to make your move?


If you want to take as much control as possible over the level and quality of your success, it’s time to leave behind

ineffective and generic strategies and update your 'iOS' by investing in Advanced Life-Mastery - a program focused on what you've
been missing - building an unshakeable foundation to support the exceptional life you're seeking.

The most iconic leaders in the world acknowledge the essential role of a coach in their success.
That’s why I have a coach, you need a coach, and why you're here. 
If self-sufficiency were the answer, you'd have found it by now.

Still Unsure? Answer the following questions - they'll reveal your answer.

1. How much do you want to elevate your life and business? Is your 'iOS' and level of Life-Mastery aligned?

2. How quickly do you want this growth? Will you be satisfied with a trial-and-error approach?

3. What are you willing to do to achieve your endgame? Is it enough to get your desired results?

Take a stand for yourself and the exceptional life you aspire to. If you don't, who will?

Advanced Life-Mastery is an exclusive program with limited access.

BEFORE applying, please take the time to learn more about who this is ideal for you, my application process, coaching

philosophy, the standards I bring to every Premier Coaching Program and expect from every valued client.


If you resonate with My Story and you're ready to prioritize yourself and invest in your future -

APPLY NOW to work with me. Additional details will be provided once I've reviewed your application.

I'm cheering you on!


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READY FOR AN extraordinary LIFE?

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