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Purpose & Performance-Driven
Business, Executive & Life Coaches 


Coaching MBA is a one-of-a-kind, exclusive, fully immersive 12-month experience for a select group of professional coaches.

It's an opportunity to gain first-hand access to the unparalleled knowledge, insights, and wisdom I've acquired from 25,000+ hours of coaching and overseeing 134,000+ hours of high-performance coaching while leading an international team of 40+ coaches to a 400% performance and re-enrollment rate improvement for an industry-leading organization.

This unparalleled experience has positioned me to deliver what few, if any, in the industry can.


I have strategically designed C-MBA to train, coach and equip you just as I did my previous team - 
to master the Mindset, learn the advanced Blueprints and amplify your Aptitude to a world-class level
so you can begin 'Accelerating Extraordinary Achievements' in your business and life.

If you want to stand out as a coach with the skills and experience to be among the best, this is the only coaching program you need.

"Lauren is an elite, world-class coach!  She held a vision of possibilities and ambitions higher than I had for myself.  Her methodologies consistently helped me break through excuses, blind spots, and fears which resulted in tripling my client reenrollment rate.  Always intentional with words, she asked the most powerful and direct questions to find the crux of the issue, uncover new perspectives, and then motivate me to take empowered action.  I am grateful for Lauren serving as a catalyst in my success.”

Betsy Davidson, CHPC, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach



C-MBA stands out with its bold claim and promise - a testament to my untouchable 
experience, proven track record, and unwavering confidence in these claims.

  • I know what it takes to succeed.

  • I know the nuances that differentiate a good coach from a phenomenal coach.

  • I know where coaches of all levels consistently miss the mark without realizing it.

  • I know how to fill and overshoot the gaps.

I also understand the valid concerns about a lack of:

  • Advanced peer community to lean on.

  • Accurate real-time and session-reviewed feedback.

  • Professional training with 'plug-and-coach' solutions based on relevant case studies.

I can empathize with the stress of loving what you do but struggling to build a thriving coaching practice.


Below are just a few of the topics covered in C-MBA - all the result of 20+ years and 134,000+ hours of insights :


Understand and override limiting perspectives about: 

  • Competence and bias.

  • Self-analysis.

  • Sales and marketing.


​Learn frameworks, blueprints and strategies for:

  • Congruent selling, offers and pricing.

  • Enrollment and re-enrollments.

  • Program and session structure.

  • Group coaching and mastermind facilitation.

  • Question formulation and application.

  • Game-changing communication.

  • High-level success, complicated personalities, and challenging life situations.

  • Learn my signature Client Breakthrough Framework.

  • Admin and business operations.

The bedrock for accelerating your competence and confidence in C-MBA includes:  

  • World-class coaching focused on your growth.

  • Professional demonstrations of skills and concepts taught.

  • Live topic-specific role-plays and feedback, hot-seat coaching and Q&As.

  • A standard of excellence and consistent progress.

  • Accountability and support.

Now you have an untouchable solution!



Coaching is my soul-inspired purpose and passion.
I approach it with deep reverence and respect.

My standards and values are unwavering: courage, curiosity, ownership, implementation, transparent communication, and excellence—'be all-in
or don't be in at all'—there is no middle ground.

If you can take "this heat," below is a high-level overview of the requirements and expectations for the select group of coaches
accepted into C-MBA.

Access to C-MBA is through a discerning application process.
This is not a 'pay-and-play' opportunity.

1. 200+ hours of paid Business, Executive, or Life Coaching experience.
2. An active client load of 5 or more paying clients.

3. Access and bandwidth to immediately implement what you learn.

4. A commitment to attend no less than 10/12 live monthly sessions.
5. A mindset and attitude that embraces:

  • Pursuing significant personal growth.

  • Always being the student.

  • Take action before you feel ready.

  • Ownership of the wins and the misses.

  • Honest and transparent feedback and communication.

  • Going the extra mile, without exception.

  • Full engagement during and between live training sessions.

  • Collaboration.

  • Absolute confidentiality. 


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C-MBA is a world-class career-changing training and coaching program promising to progressively take your coaching
to unimaginable levels of competence and confidence. This is a rare opportunity to personally tap into 20+ years of

expertise and success while also being part of an elite, like-minded, personally selected group of experienced coaches.

C-MBA is an exclusive program with limited access.

BEFORE applying, please take the time to learn more about who this is ideal for you, my application process, coaching

philosophy, the standards I bring to every Premier Coaching Program and expect from every valued client and student.


If you resonate with My Story, meet the criteria to enroll in C-MBA and you're ready and able to invest in your future -

APPLY NOW for my fall cohort. Additional details will be provided once I've reviewed your application.

C-MBA is an EPIC and transformative year that will leave an indelible and profound mark on your career. 

 I'm cheering you on as you continue to impact the world, and I look forward to receiving your application.


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READY FOR AN extraordinary LIFE?

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