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Hi, I'm Lauren


Lauren Jawno
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There's more to know...

You already know a little about who I am.

Here's what I do - I'm a Certified High-Performance Coach with untouchable
experience and an unparalleled track record in the coaching industry.

My Premier Coaching Programs provide an exclusive opportunity for Purpose
and Performance-Driven entrepreneurs, coaches, emerging leaders, and senior
executives to become the most authentic, highest-performing people possible -
building thriving, high-performing businesses and living exceptional lives without compromising what matters most.

I am deeply reverent about my work and the magnitude of trust placed in me.

I'm resolute about you experiencing what you need and deserve:

  • Absolute Clarity: Finding the key drivers holding you back - not the symptoms.

  • Radical Honesty: Leaning into hard conversations that most would avoid.

  • Mindset Mastery: Shifting your life and future success by installing a new 'iOS'

  • Self-Perception: Redefining your current, true identity and future potential.

  • Authentic Success: Succeeding without compromising what matters most.

  • Curated Strategies: Acquiring the tools and a unique map for long-term success.

  • Relentless Accountability: Being held to the highest standards of excellence

  • Courageous Commitment: Staying aligned with and resilient about your end game.

  • Joy in the Journey: Enjoying life's journey amidst all the wins and misses.

  • Caring Confidante: Knowing you have a loyal, unbiased cheerleader and supporter.

This is my standard. This is my promise.
I’m here to help you consistently get the results that others don’t—to find the catalytic driver sabotaging your success—the factor that sets your obstacles in motion—and then develop the strategy for "Accelerating Extraordinary Achievements' on your terms.
I'm here to help you gain a new level and quality of success - that you've never had.
It's why I have a reputation as one of the best in the industry.


My clients' success shows my ability to deliver on all I stand for.
Let's connect and make the impossible possible!


My Mission: Your Truth.

One letter. Five minutes. My life forever changed.


Who was my mom? She was a woman of honesty, kindness, loyalty, and love that emanated from every aspect of her being. Her legacy continues to influence and inspire me to be a better person than I was yesterday.


Losing my mom to breast cancer left a gaping void, but what shattered me was the realization from a final letter left for me - that she had felt she had failed to be the mom she hoped to be - if only she could have seen herself through my eyes - every quality she embodied inspired me growing up and continues to inspire me now - to be a better person than was I was yesterday. It was too late for me to tell her and too late for her to know her value and the impact she had on my life.


Reading this letter changed my life—I wanted to do for others what I was unable to do for my mom. Before personal development and coaching were "a thing," I knew this was my 'soul-inspired' journey—to help others see themselves through the lens of those who see their greatness. Imagine what would be possible if we saw our truth and not our stories. 


And so began my quest over 20 years ago to study and understand this phenomenon of distorted perceptions.


My drive shifted from relentless to obsession - not because I learned that we all unknowingly have distorted perceptions, understood how deeply embedded they are within us, or recognized how much they hold us back in every aspect of life because they're at the root of everything we don't want. My quest became an obsession when I understood our power and control in changing them! This knowledge catapulted my soul-inspired journey to a level of focus
and impact I could never have imagined.


I'm here to help as many people as possible find their TRUTH and release the distorted self-perceptions holding them back—to wake up each day knowing their unconditional value and being inspired to share it because they understand that their value, who they are, and the impact they can have is like none other. 


This is why I'm the tenacious, unstoppable coach I am today: Coaching isn't just my career, purpose, or passion—it's a responsibility I feel compelled and driven to fulfill—to guide and equip you to embody your truth and live a meaningful, significant, and extraordinary life on your terms so that when you leave this world, you will know you mattered and be free of regret and the void I believe my mom must have felt. You deserve nothing less.

Why w0rk with me?

  • Recognized as a Top Female Coach in 2024 - changing the business landscape alongside industry leaders Marie Forleo and Mel Robbins.

  • 20+ Years. 25,000+ hours.1,000+ clients. And counting.

  • My client list reads like a who’s who of global industry leaders and some of the highest performers: Fortune 500 Executives, Inc. 5000 CEOs, CFOs, Law Firm Partners, Olympic and National Athletes, Golf Pros, NFL Coach, NASA Scientist, High-Ranking Military Official, 7-Fgure Entrepreneurs, Hollywood Entertainer, Doctors, Published Authors.

  • Certified High-Performance Coach.

  • Executive and Business Coach.

  • Personality Mapping, and Strengthscope Coach.

  • BEd, Post-Graduate Certification in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

  • Science and Behavioural Neuroscience-backed methodologies and programs.

  • Published Author.

  • International Speaker and Trainer

    • Sharing the stage with the best in the business - Brendon Burchard, Trent Shelton, Tony Horton, Dean Graziosi and Les Brown.

    • Co-Lead Coach Trainer for the Institute of High-Performance.

    • Elite Mastermind Lead Facilitator and Coach.

    • Trainer for national and global corporations and elite sports teams.

    • Provincial and Federal Legislative advocate for a non-profit organization.

  • 8 years as Director of Coaching for an industry-leading organization. The result:

    • Leading an international team of over 40 elite coaches to remarkable success.

    • Achieving a 400% improvement in performance and re-enrollment rates.

    • Overseeing 134,000 + hours of high-performance coaching in over 100 countries.

    • Ensuring the highest client satisfaction ratings: 9.7/10.

    • Leveraging knowledge and insights to develop better coaching strategies and programs by identifying patterns related to mindset, habits, triggers and recurring obstacles that hinder success and how to successfully improve or overcome these.

I know how what it takes to succeed.

Explore how I can help you install a new Internal Operating System so you can begin 'Accelerating Extraordinary Achievements' on your terms.

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Sharpen Your Clarity.
Spark Massive Action.

Experience a defining day, gaining pivotal clarity about yourself, your life and your future, igniting
 immediate, strategic action to accelerate your momentum with greater certainty and confidence.

Elevate Your Growth.

Enrich Your Success.



Upgrade your 'iOS', shifting your life and business from the inside out, living on your terms - grounded in your true potential, equipped with the mindset and tools to pursue a limitless life.


Mindset. Blueprints. Aptitude.

Master your Mindset, learn Advanced Blueprints and Amplify your Aptitude to a world-class level  facilitating life-changing breakthroughs and setting yourself apart in an overcrowded industry.

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READY FOR AN extraordinary LIFE?

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