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Stepping onto the stage to connect with audiences worldwide ignites a passion within me like nothing else. 

I'm driven to put in motion a paradigm shift about the consequence of how we interact and relate to ourselves 

and therefore each other on our individual and collective success. My goal is to spark a journey of self-discovery,
encouraging audiences to question their self-perception and potential to play a bigger, more influential game because
as we become higher-performing people, we become higher-performing teams, organizations, and communities.

"Lauren captivates audiences with her presence, wisdom, and energy. I’ve witnessed her training, both in person and on video. I see the
ways she makes everyone feel seen, heard, valued, and understood. Every session is flawlessly executed, leaving participants inspired
and equipped with practical tools for growth. She brings an integrity andopen heart that are uncommon in this modern age."

Sherry Richert Belul, Founder of Simply Celebrate and author of “Say it Now"

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With my depth of experience and expertise as an elite Certified High-
Performance Coach, Entrepreneur, Ex-Corporate Executive and International Speaker and Trainer, I've had the privilege of sharing the stage with industry legends like Brendon Burchard, Trent Shelton, Tony Horton, Dean Graziosi, and Les Brown, inspiring audiences and organizations worldwide.

As a Speaker, I'm known for:

  • My confident, clear, and concise communication.

  • Using the big picture and end-game as context for my content.

  • Delivering meticulously crafted current, research-based, relevant information about the road to success.

  • Simplifying complex concepts into practical frameworks.

  • Engaging participation through presentation style, interactive breakouts, open discussion & powerful Q&A sessions.

  • Captivating audiences with my relatability, valuable content, memorable and purposeful stories, insights, and humor. 

  • Instilling confidence in succeeding and the motivation to excel.

  • Leaving audiences equipped with actionable, creative, and practical solutions to overcome obstacles and achieve goals more effectively.


My keynote addresses, training, workshops, and expert guest appearances across all media explore today's most pertinent topics for personal, business and professional growth through the lens of my area of expertise and passion: understanding the psychology that drives our consistent thinking and behaviors and how to achieve a greater degree and quality of success.


High-Impact Topics I'm known for include:

  • Utilizing the power of questions to accelerate success. 

  • Outsmarting self-limiting beliefs and habits.

  • Learning and optimizing underutilized communication tools and EQ to enhance collaboration and strengthen relationships.

  • Learning the most effective tools to create massive change.

  • Identifying unique productivity blueprints for accelerated performance.

Should your team or organization need energy, wisdom, and inspiration, and you believe that I embody the ideal speaker to facilitate this transformation, let's chat.



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