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Purpose & Performance-Driven
Entrepreneurs. Coaches. Emerging Leaders. Senior Executives.



I'm so excited you're interested in my Premier Coaching Programs because I know what this means for your future.
It tells me you're invested in your professional and business success.
This equates to being invested in your personal growth, the precursor that d
rives business growth - without exception.

My Premier Coaching Programs are your opportunity to follow in the footsteps of some of the most successful people I’ve coached:
Fortune 500 Executives, Inc. 5000 CEOs, CFOs, Law Firm Partners, Olympic and National Athletes, Golf Pros, NFL Coach,
NASA Scientist, High-Ranking Military Official, 7-Fgure Entrepreneurs, Hollywood Entertainer, Doctors, Published Authors...

I bring unparalleled experience and expertise to my clients, including:

  • Over 20 years and 25,000 hours personally coaching over 1,000 clients. And Counting.

  • 8 years as the Director of Coaching for an industry-leading organization overseeing the fulfillment of

134,000+ high-performance coaching sessions giving exclusive, real-world insights to apply to my programs as to why 

success remains elusive for so many people and how to overcome these obstacles.

I have unwavering confidence in the life-changing impact of my Premier Coaching Programs.
I have absolute certainty in my ability to guide you to a seemingly impossible level of success.

If you're ready to achieve what you've never had, this is the coaching you've been waiting for!

"For anyone looking to elevate their personal or professional life, Lauren is the catalyst for change you've
been waiting for. Her expertise as a coach will not just challenge you but inspire you to turn your aspirations into reality.  

The depth and breadth of her experience as a Coach, Trainer, and Speaker make her a powerhouse to o support you and
your organization in getting it done."

Michelle Hammons, Founder, Creativity Playbook, LLC


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"Everyone needs a coach. We all need people that give us feedback. That’s
how we improve." ~ Bill Gates, coached by Silicon Valley coach Bill Campbell.


I already know you're an A-player. 
Your success is undeniable.
Most would say you have it all figured out. 
But that's not how it feels.  
And you're not sure why. 
You're doing what you've always done, but everything feels like a struggle. 

It feels this way because life has changed. 
More expectations, pressure, uncertainty and new and unexpected curve balls.
It's all starting to stack up.

You're doing what you've always done - that's the problem!

You're trying to "fix" new problems with an outdated, malfunctioning 'iOS'.

What got you to this level of success will not get you to the next level.

You need a new Internal OperatingSystem! 


A new 'iOS' is more than an upgrade - it's a gateway to new life hacks,

advanced GPS and data insights, optimized efficiency and AI-driven capabilities - designed with enhanced EQ prompts.

I know it can be overwhelming to install updates - somehow, there always seem to be unexpected nuances or glitches. That's why you need a coach.

This is your opportunity to recalibrate your life on your terms:

  • I'll walk you through the entire update.

  • I'll identify what needs to be deleted.

  • I'll help you select the most effective new APPs. 

  • I'll make sure you know how to use them.

  • You'll create a new avatar - without old programs holding you back.

  • You'll confirm your destination and desired route.

  • You'll adjust your navigation settings to better avoid detours.

  • You'll utilize new communication and problem-solving prompts.

  • I'll help troubleshoot any issues along the way.

  • I'll make sure you keep updating your internal Operating System.

If you're still unsure about updating your 'iOS' this might help:

  • When you update your 'iOS', it impacts all connected "devices."

  • New features become more intuitive and effective the more you use
    them, increasing your confidence and optimizing your path to success.






You've probably known you've needed a new 'iOS' for some time. 
I know if you could have updated yours, you would have.
It might seem simple to do, but it's certainly not easy.

That's why everyone needs a coach.

This particular 'iOS' update is ideal for:

  • Entrepreneurs with small to medium-sized service-based businesses.

  • Business, Executive, or Life Coaches pursuing world-class mastery.

  • Emerging Leaders or Senior Executives with people-first values.

However, access is not just a simple download.

  • There's an application process. More information is available here

  • Due to limited capacity, immediate enrollment in my programs is not guaranteed.​
    If you’re a good fit and a spot is unavailable, you’ll be notified and placed
    on my waiting list. This ensures you can enroll and begin your Premier Coaching Program as soon as availability opens up.

Are you ready to update your Internal Operating System?

If you're hesitating - there will never be a convenient time to change your life,
but there is a right time! It's NOW!

Explore my 3 Premier Coaching Programs and 'iOS' options below, decide which will best support you, and apply to work with me in 2024.

Your only regret will be not starting this journey sooner.




Sharpen Your Clarity.

Spark Massive Action.

Experience a defining day, gaining pivotal clarity about yourself, your life, and your future, igniting immediate, strategic action to accelerate your momentum with greater certainty and confidence.


Elevate Your Growth.

Enrich Your Success.

Upgrade your 'iOS', shifting your life and business from the inside out, living on your terms - grounded in your true potential, equipped with the mindset and tools to pursue a limitless life.


Mindset. Blueprints. Aptitude.

Master your Mindset, learn Advanced Blueprints and Amplify your Aptitude to a world-class level,  facilitating life-changing breakthroughs and setting yourself apart in an overcrowded industry.

Work Desk

READY FOR AN extraordinary LIFE?

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