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The stories you're about to read are deeply meaningful to me. They hold a cherished spot in my heart, not only for the warmth, gratitude,
and recognition they convey but also for the privilege of journeying alongside you and the depth of our shared connection. Your trust and faith in me profoundly humble me, and my appreciation is immense.  Each person, team and organization I've had the honor of coaching, training and inspiring has, in turn, enriched my path and gifted me with the opportunity to fulfill my purpose, make my imprint, and contribute to building a brighter and better world.
I hope these stories will continue to inspire you to pursue your dreams with passion and purpose, never giving up on your journey to 'Accelerating Extraordinary Achievements'.
Thank you for being a
 part of my journey and allowing me to be a part of yours.


*Gulp* Okay, let's do this. 

When I signed onto the high-level mastermind, It was a H U G E leap for me: intensity, investment, totally new endeavor, all new people. 

Lauren is the reason the program was worth every cent. Her deep knowledge, true understanding of people, lived experience, diplomacy, clarity... everything she gives and teaches serves her clients wonderfully. 

Because of my time being coached by Lauren, I'm having more fun, my business is robust (and growing, steadily), and my beloved client partners are being served better. 

If your growth is essential to the life you want to live and to the person you want to be, Lauren is your person.
She's a category-of-one coach.

Ginger Johnson Clicking heels 0521_edite

Ginger Johnson
Chief Connecting Officer/Pro Speaker

Lauren Jawno's coaching programs were a game-changer for me. Not only did she challenge me to reach new heights, but her guidance was instrumental in building my business from the ground up. Lauren's expertise extended beyond professional growth; she also helped me significantly improve my personal relationships, which has been invaluable. Her unique approach to coaching has made a lasting impact on both my career and personal life. I am deeply grateful for her support and guidance, and I consider her a lifelong mentor.

Dan Macias

Dan Macias

Sandler Colombia Co-CEO

Lauren’s ability as a coach is absolutely transformational. She helped me achieve the life and business breakthrough that I was seeking. Through her insightful guidance, I found the clarity, strategy and mindset mastery I needed to design, influence and accelerate my achievements beyond my revised goals! If you are ready to truly change your life, Lauren is the only coach you’ll need.

Sandra Stewart
Financial Advisor at GP Wealth Management

NEW Sandra

There is no one like Lauren. As a coach and a mentor, she stands above the crowd. To say she has a wealth of knowledge would be an understatement. The bar she holds is high; that is because she can see what we can’t. The potential, the blocks, and the truth…where the gold is. She sets a standard to step into and does it with heart, brutal honesty, and a belief in one’s ability to do so. I am a far better coach and a far better human from having had the opportunity to work with her.

Sarah Mays Allen, PCC, NBC-HWC

NEW Sarah Mays Allen

If you are fortunate enough to have Lauren as your coach, jump at the opportunity.  Lauren's time is precious because her coaching wisdom runs deep. She is masterful at helping others learn how to best help themselves (and yes, while also helping one discover and service what matters most).  If discovering who you can be at your best, charting your own course and learning to love the challenges that await, sounds interesting, then Lauren will be the guide (coach, support, champion) for you.  You feel special in her presence, because to her, you are special.  Lauren will not agree to team with someone that she does not believe in - so again, if you're one of the lucky ones, enjoy the journey and watch your results speak for themselves.  

Carl Oxholm

Carl Oxholm, FCPA, FCA, COC

CEO, Virtue Compass Inc.

Lauren Jawno has an extraordinary command of the craft of coaching. Her ability to listen with unparalleled depth and assimilate information in the moment enables her to ask the most important and powerful questions, leading to the core issues, insights, and breakthroughs that move her clients forward faster and with greater ease. No matter the issue or block, no matter the area of life, Lauren masterfully unlocks people’s potential to maximize their performance with wisdom, experience, loyalty, and honesty.

Andrea Zawaski

Certified Applied Positive Psychology Coach, MSc Health Psychology, Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Andrea Zawaski

I have had the good fortune to participate in and observe workshops brilliantly designed and executed by Lauren Jawno. Her relevant content, engaging stories, and delivery of practical tools were so outstanding that we recruited her to train our senior-level international clients. Her reviews were exceptional, and her client support and follow-up after the initial training were superlative. Lauren is compassionate, creative, intelligent, and intuitive. She is a powerful and truly gifted trainer.

Lee Wagman
President, Personality Resources International

Lee Wagman

My experience being coached by Lauren was nothing short of incredible. Her ability to cut through any story I had that was holding me back and then empower me to take meaningful and effective action was life changing. She didn't just help me change the direction of my life but was able to do so in a tactful and supportive manner that always kept me coming back for more! The ability to be clear, concise, direct, yet gentle when needed is an impressive skill set that Lauren demonstrates effortlessly. 

Eamon Campbell

Eamon Campbell, BCBA, CHPC

Lauren is a masterful coach and trainer who cares deeply about helping others become their best and it’s evident in how she trains and supports her audiences and clients. Her passion, energy and commitment shine bright. Lauren knows how to create a process for success while also teaching the nuanced art of coaching and living. She trains with high energy, precision and thoughtfulness while also bringing in stories to illustrate her points. And she does this all with incredible clarity and wisdom that move the needle. 

Lauren is warm and personable and no-nonsense at the same time. She’s about making a serious difference in the lives and businesses of those she works with.  Lauren encourages you while also giving some tough love to hold you to high standards and move forward. She delivers with fire and love. Lauren is all in with her expertise, passion and heart. You’ll laugh, you may cry and you’ll also get to work. 

If you’re ready to really make changes and have an impact. If you’re ready to do the serious work, and put in the effort, definitely take the opportunity to work with Lauren. 

Until you work with Lauren, you don’t know what you don’t know. She has a way of revealing the gold right in front of you. She’ll teach you the levers to pull to make massive change and impact. The thought and thoroughness of her training are on another level. Get ready to hold on! You’ll do powerful work together! 

Michelle Huljev

Michelle Huljev
High-Performance Coach, Life, Career & Executive Coach

Lauren is an elite, world-class coach!  She held a vision of possibilities and ambitions higher than I had for myself.  Her methodologies consistently helped me break through excuses, blind spots, and fears which resulted in tripling my client reenrolment rate.  Always intentional with words, she asked the most powerful and direct questions to find the crux of the issue, uncover new perspectives, and then motivate me to take empowered action.  I am grateful for Lauren serving as a catalyst in my success.

Betsy Davidson 2

Betsy Davidson, CHPC
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

I worked with Lauren as a private coaching client for +2 years. Through this experience, I grew more confident in my skills, knowledge and the value I provide. I have more clarity than I've ever had in my life about my purpose and what I need to do to advance and feel fulfilled in my life and work. I was able to plan for my 6 month maternity leave and be more strategic and prepared for the next stages of my life. In Lauren I found not only a coach, but a cheerleader and friend. She was always on my court and available to support me anyway she could. I appreciated that she believed so much in me and has been a great supporter and mentor.

Teresa Prieto 2

Teresa Prieto
Co-Chief Executive Officer, Business Strategist

For anyone looking to elevate their personal or professional life, Lauren is the catalyst for change you've been waiting for. Her expertise as a coach will not just challenge you but inspire you to turn your aspirations into reality. The depth and breadth of her experience as a Coach, Trainer, and Speaker make her a powerhouse to support you and your organization in getting it done.

Michelle Hammons
Founder, Creativity Playbook, LLC


From the moment I crossed paths with Lauren, it was like meeting an old friend and kindred Spirit. Her energy is simply extraordinary: strong, bold, and powerful. She greeted me with a warm hug and looked me straight in the eyes with a smile that instantly had me knowing I was about to experience a very deeply transformational session. She is someone who knows how to hold a space with deep listening, compassion, and grace, but most importantly honesty. There is no hiding in her sessions! I then had the pleasure of working as a member of Lauren’s team in her role as Director of Coaching and she was simply, and I quote Brendon Burchard’s very words about her here, a POWERHOUSE!! Her ability to punctuate a space with just the right question at the right moment is what truly sets her apart and what assisted me in developing, growing and flourishing as a coach with her assistance. She has the ability to draw out the true essence within someone’s Soul. To have the opportunity to work with her would be giving yourself an opportunity to stand in your power that has always been there because she will see it, and she will see it because she stands in her power. She will hold you to a standard that you wouldn’t even imagine possible and this is what led to me to going on to begin my own business. Lauren truly is a gifted and unique coach who won’t give you any BS - that’s the type of coach I want on my team any day of the week. Run to work with her - you will only regret not doing this sooner!

Sonya Kaur

Sonya Kaur, CHPC
CEO SoulFit Global

When I started training under Lauren, I had been a coach for 6 years.  Training with her was night and day to my original coach training.  Training with Lauren was like getting a master’s degree in coaching.  Lauren as a trainer, coach, and boss; is direct, fair, and really pushes you to be your best. She role models how not to be fearful of pushing yourself or your clients.  It’s that authentic passion she has for wanting her clients to be the best they can be, that’s her superpower.

Sarah Stewart, MSW, CPC

Sarah Stewart

I had the privilege of working with an exceptional coach who truly transformed me and my performance. Under Lauren’s guidance, I was able to unlock my full potential and achieve remarkable results. Her coaching style was not only motivating, but also tailored to my specific needs and goals.

During our coaching sessions, Lauren provided invaluable insights and strategies that propelled me towards success faster than I could have done on my own. Lauren was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses/blind spots and helped me develop a clear roadmap for improvement. Lauren’s expertise in the field and ability to identify areas for growth was truly impressive.

What sets Lauren apart is her commitment to my success. Lauren went above and beyond to support me, providing constant encouragement, accountability and challenge. I love that Lauren is not afraid to ask me the hard questions and peel back the layers. Lauren’s deep understanding of (insert your coaching style) principles and techniques allowed me to push beyond my limits and achieve breakthrough results.

I am grateful for the impact Lauren has had on my personal and professional development. Lauren’s guidance and mentorship have not only elevated my performance, but also instilled in me a newfound confidence and belief in my abilities. I highly recommend (insert your coaching) coaching services to anyone looking to take their performance to the next level.

To sum up, my experience with Lauren has been nothing short of remarkable. Lauren’s expertise, dedication, and personalized approach has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals. I am forever grateful for the positive impact Lauren has had on my life!

NEW Jon Carioto 2

Jon Carioto, MS, CSCS, CHPC
Director of Leadership and Development, Rhino Shield AZ

Lauren Jawno is a powerhouse coach! She challenged me to expand the vision of what I was moving toward in my professional life. Her support and her belief in my goals energized me to take action in ways that I would have never imagined before working with her. Any person who is lucky enough to be coached by

Lauren will experience momentum at a game-changing pace.

Jean O’Toole
Bestselling Author, Speaker, and CEO

Jean O'Toole.

Lauren Jawno is the type of coach who deeply cares about her clients well-being and the outcome for their lives. She is deeply empathetic without judgement and asks questions that facilitate uncovering layers of beliefs and through reflection help foster growth and confidence.

Lauren actively shows respect in every encounter of the clients’ journey from beginning to end. Having worked with Lauren, I trust her to give me unbiased feedback while also being considerate of my emotional needs. She is a great support during difficulties and creates a safe space that allows for vulnerability as well as providing thoughtful feedback for self-examination.


Suzette Mariel
CEO, Mindset Coach, Producer, Author, Speaker

I would not be the coach I am today without Lauren’s mentorship.  I knew I wanted to be a coach but didn’t realize how much I was holding myself back. She was able to see beyond my fear and hesitation and challenge me to look inside for that courageous coach that I know I am.  Lauren did not let me settle for good, she challenged me to be great! I know for sure that I was able to get better faster because of her.  I’m so grateful to be able to do this work because of her coaching!

Anna Dillard
High-Performance Coach

Anna Dillard

Lauren Jawno is a remarkable coach, trainer, and speaker. She’s such a warm, friendly, likable person who possesses a rare combination of charisma, intelligence, and attention to detail.

Lauren captivates audiences with her presence, wisdom, and energy. I’ve witnessed her training, both in person and on video, and she genuinely cares about people. I see the ways she makes everyone feel seen, heard, valued, and understood.

What truly sets Lauren apart is her meticulous preparation for any speech or training. Every session is flawlessly executed, leaving participants inspired and equipped with practical tools for growth. She brings an integrity and open heart that are uncommon in this modern age.

I highly recommend Lauren for anyone seeking a transformative speaker/trainer experience. She’s had a huge impact on my life—both personally and professionally. Lauren is a gem! (And so is her High-Performance pup, Toffy! They make an amazing duo!)

NEW Sherry R-B

Sherry Richert Belul
Founder of Simply Celebrate and author of “Say it Now”

I cannot speak highly enough of Lauren Jawno as a Certified High-Performance Coach. Her dedication to skill development and program enhancement is truly exceptional. As a fellow coach, I've had the privilege of witnessing Lauren's expertise firsthand, and I am continually impressed by her ability to inspire and empower others. Lauren's coaching prowess truly sets her apart as a coach extraordinaire. If you're seeking transformative growth and guidance, look no further than Lauren Jawno.

Lisa Mead, RN, MS, CPHQ, Executive Coach

Lisa Mead

Lauren is an inspirational, encouraging and supportive coach. As my mentor, she took time to coach me through my own limiting beliefs as they came up. Her guidance helped me grow to the coaching potential she saw in me and helped me grow personally and professionally beyond what I thought possible. I am grateful for her loving directness and guidance. She never wavered in her commitment to allow me to reach my own strengths, as l was able to let go of limiting beliefs that held me back. 

A defining moment in our coaching relationship was when she asked me powerful questions, allowing me to go deeper into my own why. Her thoughtful approach led me to becoming emotional. This led to not only strengthened my why, but also empowered me with the tools and understanding of how powerful specific techniques can be for my own coaching clients. There was never a time that I spent with Lauren that I didn’t walk away with a deeper knowledge and understanding of how powerful questions can impact others.

Jennifer Solis_edited.jpg

Jennifer Solis
High-Performance Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner

I have had the absolute JOY and PRIVILEGE of knowing Lauren for over ten years. During this time, I have had countless opportunities to witness her absolute commitment to excellence and her beautiful, compassionate soul!

Lauren’s elite credentials and strong personal attributes set her apart. Her effective leadership, compassion, and high integrity combine to provide a refined, tailored, results-oriented experience. 

Her coaching mastery, generous spirit, and loyalty allow her to create truly impactful, personal, meaningful, and lasting results for world-class executives and all with whom she works. 

She has helped me tremendously both personally and professionally in ways I cannot count! I am grateful and honored to call Lauren a dear friend and trusted colleague. 

Susan Mullen_edited.jpg

Susan Mullen
Intuitive Alchemist, Animal Communicator, Author, and Certified Intuitive Coach ™

Lauren is truly a coach's coach!!

She is highly intuitive, insightful, experienced, mature and passionate. 

Her unwavering commitment to her clients, combined with her utilization of the most effective best practices, results in quickly developing clarity, goals, self-confidence, and affirmative action.

Lauren's direct and honest feedback is exceptional and challenging while at the same time positively inspires me to grow and develop. She is one of the few gifted people who have been so effective in mentoring me. 

She is a skillful and laser-focused professional.

NEW Robert White

Robert White, BA, BA, Post Grad Diploma, MA

Lauren is a highly determined, dynamic and affable person. She exhibits an insatiable desire for both her own personal development as well as educating herself on the most current research and information in aspects of her industry. Her dedication, her drive and passion in sharing this knowledge, her ability to connect with all types of people and her commitment to the field make her an outstanding speaker and educator.

Elizabeth Papadopoulos, BSc, CNP, ROHP
IHN Founder and Director

Elizabeth P

Lauren is THE coach’s coach. I was lucky to be trained by her and work under her tutelage for 4 years, which allowed me to flourish as a coach with a near-10 average rating. She has questions that get right to the heart of the matter, and that’s what sets Lauren apart from all other coaches.

Dani Medrano, M.A., Performance Psychology

Dani pic

Training with Lauren to improve my skills as a Coach has been nothing short of a transformational experience! Her deep well of knowledge and intuitive approach to coaching have both illuminated and navigated me through my personal and professional growth. At every turn, Lauren was there to provide precise, actionable insights that helped me to pinpoint and overcome obstacles that were hindering my progress.

Each of the training sessions served as a challenge that pushed me to expand beyond my comfort zone. Lauren's mentorship was instrumental in helping me elevate my craft, allowing me to step into my own coaching potential.

For anyone considering working with Lauren, I can wholeheartedly say – jump in with both feet. You will emerge not just as a better coach, but as a person full of insight, purpose, and the ability to catalyze meaningful change.

Taylor Hamlet 2.

Taylor Hamlet
High-Performance Coach

I had the pleasure of working with Lauren as a Coach. After my first session, I was so impressed by how she was able to dig deep into both my professional career and personal life and review and discuss my challenges and practical strategies in such a short period of time. She also helped me recognize my strengths, highlighted my victories and opened my eyes to see what I thought were failures as a true blessing in disguise! But what I found most impressive about Lauren’s program and her style of coaching is that she is truly a genuine person who loves and is passionate about what she does!


Donna Foster-Laroque
Personal Training Specialist

I am writing this because I must THANK YOU! I get teary-eyed even now, days after the event. I thought you were phenomenal on stage, and you are such a natural at speaking and helping people see a healthier, more individualized, and happier self. You have clearly found your calling. You have made a profound difference in my life- thank you for allowing me to see how important not only my ability to change my life and make my

dreams happen but also the aspirations to know my WHY.

Dawn Ryan
Certified Holistic Divorce Coach

Work Desk

READY FOR AN extraordinary LIFE?

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